Huawei Band 7 review

Huawei Band 7 review

Huawei Band 7 is for those who want smart watches that are quite concise to use every day can run a long time with a load and cover all basic functions. And the fact that it does not damage the bank makes it even more interesting.

Coming in black, green, pink, and red, and at a price of € 59/£ 50, this is one of the more affordable choices in the market.

What makes Huawei Band 7 impressive, is a long list of features that succeed in accordance with the price label. The waterproof can be up to 50 meters, only 16G (28G with a rope), supports 96 exercise modes, tracking heart rates, blood oxygen, and sleeping, displaying notifications, and having battery life of up to 14 days. But most importantly, this is a very comfortable clothes that you will forget about your wrist for hours.

Huawei Band 7 comes in a simple box with a magnetic charger that has a well -owned.

Huawei Band 7 is very light, but also very sturdy. Low weight is achieved by not using any metal on the casing, which Huawei claimed to be made of polymer. You will be forgiven for thinking that the case itself is metal, because it makes a very reasonable impression.

In advance, there is an AMOLED screen 1.47 inches 194x368px. The rectangular shape makes the appearance look bigger than before, while the watching experience is good - bright colors and great contrast. The screen is also very bright even for bright days. However, there is no automatic max brightness option.

There is a setting to dim the screen at night, which is a great feature for those who plan to wear band 7 to bed and use their sleeping function.

There is also a always important appearance, and you get the choice of five faces of digital watches and one analog.

The glass above the screen is slightly curved from top to bottom, and the screen ends on the bevel where it fills the frame, making a touching experience that is comfortable and free of the edges.

Another problem is a sound sleep data that seems too excessive. One night, Huawei Band 7 said I had almost two hours, while my other watch was tracked for 40 minutes. I consistently get more than 2 hours of reading per night with Huawei Band 7.

Overall, Huawei Band 7 gave me an extraordinary sleep score even at night when I found out I could not sleep well. If you are serious about fixing your sleep, Huawei Band 7 will not give you the needed insights and you will think you sleep well.

Complete with a very high tone, let's talk about battery life. Huawei claims up to 14 days of typical use. We got 8 days of heavy use - about 5 days with notifications with a display that was always activated and 4 exercises. Other 3 days band 7 is arranged to raise the screen, notification. We have a little doubt that Huawei Band 7 will last almost, if not 14 full days if you only use it as a watch.

The battery life is very good, according to this type of device. There is a color for everyone, and the price is very competitive. The only strong rival for Huawei Band 7 is Xiaomi Smart Band 7, who shares the price point and is the same. So, you have to decide which ones can be worn more to your liking.

Overall, you can't be wrong with Huawei Band 7 and we will definitely recommend it to a friend!

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